Annual Workshop Renews Emphasis on Collaboration within OpenFabrics Community

The 14th Annual OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) Workshop, held in scenic Boulder, Colorado, recently concluded its week-long, community-wide collaboration and dialogue on OpenFabrics. As the premier means of fostering lively discussions among those who develop fabrics, deploy fabrics, and create applications that rely on fabrics, the Workshop is the ideal venue for the OpenFabrics community and networking industry at large to identify and address the wide variety of emerging industry requirements and challenges that remain.

The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) Workshop 2018 is less than two weeks away and the Technical Program Committee (TPC) has finalized the three topic areas that will make up the inaugural OFA Think Tanks – Linux Containers, Remote Persistent Memory over Fabrics, and System Administration and Interoperability of Diverse Fabrics.

As first mentioned in a recent blog, among the many new networking and collaborative opportunities at this year’s Workshop are what the TPC has aptly named “OFA Think Tanks.”

Kicking-off the 2018 Workshop on Monday evening, April 9 at 6 p.m., the OFA Think Tanks will set out to explore and illuminate leading edge networking technical issues dubbed “Grand Challenges.”  The Think Tanks are designed to leverage the insights of Workshop attendees who are knowledgeable about various aspects of networks, but who may not necessarily be experts in the specific area covered by a given Think Tank. Open to all attendees, each Think Tank will work to define its specific industry challenge, identify both opportunities and obstacles, describe a path forward to address the challenge and disseminate its findings on the final day of the Workshop. It is the hope of the TPC and the OFA community overall that these exercises will result in extremely valuable industry collaboration and possibly the creation of new OFA technical working groups or sub-groups.

Alliance established to enable and accelerate persistent memory transition in applications and data centers fabrics

The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) and the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) have formed an alliance to collaborate on activities that advance remote access to persistent memory and the adoption of remote persistent memory as a mainstream technology. Remote access is important because modern applications span multiple systems, and this collaboration will bring the benefit of persistent memory to these applications.

Initial objectives for the collaboration between the SNIA Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Programming Technical Work Group (TWG) and the OFA OpenFabrics Interfaces Working Group are to describe a series of usage models for remote persistent memory (i.e. resilience, disaggregation, shared information, etc), and to define the application programming interfaces (APIs) needed to support those usage models. Alliance activities will be discussed in a series of sessions at the upcoming OFA Workshop on April 9-13, 2018 in Boulder, CO.

The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) Workshop 2018 is right around the corner and we are excited to announce that Bill Magro of Intel Corporation will kick off the event with a keynote speech, “Software Foundation for High-Performance Fabrics in the Cloud.”

Mr. Magro is an Intel Fellow and Chief Technologist in HPC. In his keynote, Mr. Magro will discuss the growing needs associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High Performance Data Analytics workloads in the cloud. These workloads are being fed by a deluge of data emanating from the Internet-connected population of people and things. While autonomous driving will deliver even more data to the cloud, High-Performance computing use is growing in the cloud. More and more cloud workloads now demand high performance from their fabrics, and these workloads are also imposing new requirements beyond those driven by traditional situation and modeling.

This talk will highlight the broadening role of OpenFabrics, in general, and the Open Fabrics Interface, in particular, to rise to the challenge of meeting the emerging requirements and become the software foundation for high-performance cloud fabrics.

The OFA is also excited to announce that it has published the list of session abstracts and agenda for the 2018 Workshop. The workshop program will include a collection of technical sessions covering a variety of critical networking topics, which range from current deployments of RDMA to new and advanced network technologies. This adds to the many new networking and collaborative opportunities available at the 2018 Workshop (details here).  

To view the full list of abstracts and agenda, visit the OFA Workshop 2018 Abstracts and Agenda page.

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